Weed Seed Germination

After two days in the glass of water the weed seed is cracked open and is the small root showing. The beginning of the germination of the autoflowering cannabis seed. Time to move the seed to the pot. Cover the weed seed under a thin layer of potting soil, don’t push the soil together. It is important the soil contains both air and water.energy saving light bulb

From this moment on the seed is in need of light.  It is a waste of energy to use the 300W LED light in this stage so I am using a 4W energy saving light bulb, as close as possible to the soil. This way it gives enough warmth and light for the first days of my cannabis sprout. Of course don’t do this with a regular 60W lamp or you will burn the weed sprout. A regular lamp produces too much heat!
Weed under fluo desk lampA flexible desk lamp is perfect to move the light close to the soil.  In the picture I have lifted up the lamp a little but in use the lamp is covering the pot completely.

The soil must be wet, not soaked. After a few days we will see the seed shell being pushed out of the soil by the growing weed root.