Transplanting autoflower cannabis

I have used a small pot to plant the cannabis seed in. A larger pot is needed now to give some space to the roots that must have filled the pot after one month of growing. until now I have not used any extra fertilizers, and as you can see the weed is growing  well. By moving the plant to a larger pot with fresh potting soil it will get access to the new nutrients.

Premium potting soils have all the necessary nutrients and especially large amount of Nitrogen because it promotes healthy, fast growth. autoflower transtplantation, roots of autoflower have filled the potPre-made potting soil has enough “food” to supply an autoflowering cannabis for the  3 to 4 weeks.


In the picture on the right we can see the roots of the autoflower weed. The roots have completely filled the pot and have probably used up all the nutrients in the potting soil. If a plant becomes root-bound, as marijuana plants are likely to do in a too small container, it just stops growing.


How to transplant Autoflowering Cannabis?

Soil for autoflower transplantation

Use a clean pot or container! You don’t want pests infecting your weed. With two hands you make a hole in the new dry soil of about the size of the old pot.

Watering the the plant before the transplanting is important. Never transplant a dried out plant.

To remove the plant from the old pot place your hand palm-down over the soil in the original container (so that the stalk is between your middle fingers).transplanting autoflower cannabis Place your other palm under the pot’s bottom, and in one smooth motion turn the pot upside down, emptying its contents into the hand around the stalk. Put down the discarded container and place your free hand under the plant’s bottom (white root tendrils should be visible) and gently lower the roots into the hole you’ve dug for them.