Grow closet for weed

 weed growing closetI have installed the LED light in a unused part of a closet on the attic. The LED armature was delivered with a hanging kit. I will hang the light 50 cm (20 inches) above the cannabis plant. Lights on for 24 hours per day as an experiment.

Webcam on LED growI have also installed a webcam so I will be able to follow the cannabis plant 24/7. The image is not too good looking but that is caused by the spectrum of the LED lights.

So, no special installations, just the LED light and the weed plant in good potting soil. Can it be this easy? We will see… So far so good.

The rule I am using for watering the weed plant is that I will give warm water (no nutrients added) as soon as the top layer of the soil looks dry.

Click here for the daily webcam screen-shots.