Day 40: No flowers yet

Small cannabis plant: Dwarf Weed. Day 40A not yet flowering autoflower Since the transplantation the autoflowering weed is doing fine.
The leaves have a nice green color and the plant looks like a fat bushy Cannabis Indica.


With the introduction of this feminized autoflowering skunk plant, virtually all the hard work is taken out of the cultivation process, whether indoors, or outdoors in temperate to Mediterranean climates. The vegetation period naturally shifts into flowering after about five weeks without having to rely on a change in light cycles, and the obvious advantage of feminized seeds is not having to remove males!  Skunk Feminized AutoFlowering seeds produce vigorous female plants with a compact structure, short sturdy branches and copious bud production. The scent and flavour retain the mouth-watering characteristics of the original Skunk plant: a sweet, citrus burst that is remarkably different from regular skunk plants. In terms of effect, this is a strain of marijuana that’s still potent enough to surprise even a jaded pot-head.