Hi there, I am the Weed Dwarf. Welcome to my site!

I am an amateur weed grower and I would like to share my weed growing experiences with you. So thank you for visiting this website.

Today I have planted a seed of a magic plant, a plant that used to be forbidden in many countries around the world. Good for us that more and more people are realizing there is no reason to ban this beautiful and useful plant. More and more countries are working on legalizing the use and the growing of cannabis. There is no apple as tasty as the apple from your own grown apple tree and so it is with home grown weed. It will give you more satisfaction and joy and you are in control of the end product, 100% biologically if you prefer.

I have been growing weed for 15 years now. My first experience was an outdoor grow of a regular cannabis strain: PPP, Pure Power Plant Cannabis. The location: my own backyard. Three marihuana plants of 2,5 meters (8 feet) tall provided me a huge crops which I shared with friends and family. Note it was never my intention to start selling weed and it never will be. Being self supporting is my goal and so should be yours.

The last few years there have been fantastic developments in the cannabis breeding branch. In the old days you really needed green fingers to grow some decent weed. You had you deal with male and female plants and the outdoor growing season was often to short to ripen the buds so there was a problem with bud mold. And also indoor cultures were for experienced growers only because of light cycles and expensive HID lightning. But progress has brought us LED and potent automatic flowering female cannabis. These type of cannabis plants are potent, are 100% female, have a short growing period until harvest and remain small. Last year I had an excellent outdoor grow of auto-flowering weed. Perfect buds harvested because of the short growing season required by this plant.  And this year I will have my first indoor LED grow also with an automatic flowering cannabis strain, in normal potting soil and non stop lightning.

I hope you will enjoy this site and I hope the site will inspire you to start your own dwarf weed grow soon!

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The image below is a daily updated webcam screenshot of my current indoor grow.